Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day ...

As I imagine many of you did on this fine holiday, I spent my day barbecuing with friends. I mean we created a feast. Seriously... feast. Look at my plate:

As we all contributed, my brief stint at the grocery store was fairly inexpensive. (A little more than my daily budget would like to allow, but worth it nonetheless.)

Mon 5/28/12: $14.95 for barbecue supplies.

Since I already had some of the ingredients, I figured one of my contributions would be pasta salad. (I also knew I could eat the leftovers for a few lunches this week.)

I know it's a pretty basic side dish, but I figured I would share my less-than-ten-dollar recipe.

Pasta Salad: (Approx. $8) 

- 1 bag spiral noodles ($1.09)
- 3 tomatoes (<$1)
- 1 bell pepper (< $1)
- 1 onion (<$1)
- 1 block of pepperjack cheese ($1.99)
- 1 package pepperoni ($1.55)
- Italian dressing ($0.99)

Does this really need explanation? You boil the noodles, chop up the veggies/cheese/meat, mix together and douse it in Italian Dressing. Easy, peesey, lemon squeezy.

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  1. You're doing great... See you can do everything you like and still keep your savings... Rhiannon, I felt "jealous" about your trip to Astoria. I have this place on my travel list! I love " The Goonies".
    All the best for you!