Monday, May 28, 2012

Crafty weekdays ...

I clearly have some catching up to do on my spending from last week. Let's start with the weekdays ...


Another "free day," technically. Although I spent my morning at the doctor's office dealing with the Pink Eye my kids gave me, I had a little bit of time before needing to return to work. I couldn't resist grabbing a coffee and a muffin. However, I got crafty with it. Earlier in the week, I happened to find a pre-paid gift card in my wallet with a whole five bucks on it! I also, realized I still had a giftcard to Heart Coffee my boss had given me months ago. Took care of both cravings without actually spending any of my own money.


With the lack of spending I had been doing this week, I knew I had a little extra to spare, but was still trying to be careful, so I could indulge over the weekend. But, when I opened my bagged lunch from home that day, I just couldn't stand eating leftovers one more time. I let myself splurge and bought Subway for lunch instead.

But, uh oh! Surprise! I ran out of tampons and milk that day. (And maybe it had something to do with the tampon situation, but I couldn't control my urge to buy chips either.)

I went a little over my limit, but not by much.


Maybe it's because I went over my limit on Thursday, or maybe it's because I actually do have some kind of self-control, but I managed to stay under budget on Friday night. I hustled my co-teacher for a haircut in exchange for Red Bulls to fuel our weekly energy needs amidst eight needy one-year-olds. Then, only drank one Rainier at the bar later that night, while catching up with a friend from college.

The Run-Down:

Wed 5/23/12: $0 even with coffee and muffins. (+$10)
Thurs 5/24/12: $17.82 for lunch, lady-needs, and late-night snacks. (-$7.82)
Fri 5/25/12: $7.84 for a hair-cut and a tall-boy. (+$2.16)

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