Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yikes ...

Maybe it's because I didn't buy any snack food on my last grocery trip, but I craved junk all weekend. I held out on Friday night, only stopping by the grocery store for beer and a missing ingredient for dinner, but I let loose yesterday.

I knew I had about $35 dollars to spend for the weekend, so I agreed to take part in a golf-themed pub crawl that involved a lot of beer-chugging. Well, beer-chugging has always led to money-spending for me.

After drinking a handful of PBR's, and thinking about how I just got paid, I allowed myself to spend a little more money than planned. And you know what? I don't feel bad about it. I'd been good all week, and I didn't go crazy ... I just let myself order food from the carts and have that extra beer at the end of the night.

Even with my indulgences last night, I realized I hadn't gone much over my weekly budget so far.

(I've managed to not spend any money so far today, but I'll check-in again at the end of the night for a weekly total.)

Here are the numbers for the past two days:

Fri 5/18/12: $11.83 for meat and beer. (-$1.83)
Sat 5/19/12: $40.30 for beers, dinner, and a grand ole time, dammit. (-$30.30)

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