Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cheap holidays ...

With a little extra spending money on hand for the weekend, due to being under my limit all week, I splurged and spent a whole $14 yesterday. As it finally felt like summer in Portland yesterday, I headed to the river with my friend Beth, whom I haven't seen in a while. In celebration, I made a 711 run.

Sat 5/12/12: $14.39 on beer and snacks. (-$4.39)

Still under my $70 weekly allowance, though!

Even more impressive (if I do say so myself) is that I made it through two consecutive holidays without spending money excessively. (Mother's Day and my roommate's birthday.) Lucky for me, I love to geek out on crafting and the people I love are cool with homemade presents.

Mostly because I was held hostage at Mount St. Helens being a begrudgingly good daughter, my spending total is zero for the day, so far. I'm heading back to PDX for some girl-time with Stephanie, who apparently has some juicy stories for me. This might entail some moola for Sunday Funday activities.

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