Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Friday ...

It helped that I was super tired, but my lame Friday night turned into saving money.

Usually, I end up at a bar, not even considering what my tab might be. However, last night I caught some of my little brother's baseball game and had dinner at a girlfriend's house.

(Side Note: My friends are awesome. They are being totally supportive of my quest and are open to bending plans so I can live cheaply. I mean Jesus, Laura made me dinner last night!)

Although I did buy $25 worth of gas last night, I've already budgeted that into my monthly bill expenses.

Conversely, I also bought some PBR tallboys. It was Friday, after all.

Fri 5/11/12: $6.29 for beer. (+$3.71)

So far this week, I've been positive in my savings every day. Since I've spent less than $10 a day for the past five days, I'm actually up $18.48, which technically means I can spend $38.48 this weekend and stay within my goal.

I'm off to see an old friend though ... sometimes money flows when we're together.

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