Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend tally ...

As it was a holiday weekend, I figured it was time to get out of the city. I knew I had a little extra spending money saved from the week, but I wasn't going to worry about holding back.


My friend Laura and I took the trek out to Astoria for the first time. I spent a significant amount of daily money on snacks for the car ride, but it was a long drive.

We spent the day seeing the "sights." (And aside from lunch, everything was free.) Astoria isn't the most booming town ever, but it has its charm. Our first stop? 'The Goonies' house, duh! Although Laura wasn't as thrilled, it definitely tickled my fancy.

See ... look how happy I am:

After we saw and conquered, we headed to The Astoria Column, which is essentially a lighthouse on the highest point in town, offering 360 degree views of the area. Besides crapping my pants due to the height situation, the climb up was worth it.

Other adventures led us to a pioneer cemetery, sketchy gas stations, and of course lunch.

So, lets get to the point. Total spending for the day ...

Sat 5/26/12: $30.14 for snacks and lunch. (-$20.14)


I spent Sunday catching up on the all the things I meant to get to the rest of the week. (A mountain of dishes, laundry, sweeping, etc.)

However, I was recently offered some work on the side, and spent a few hours doing that as well, which leads into my new justification.

Since I have a little more income, and Sunday was my first bout of that, I canceled out my $9 worth of drinks out with friends that evening. I guess it's technically cheating, but I made it to the end of a long week, and I'm counting it as a free day, dammit.

Sun 5/27/12: $0 because I say so. (+$10)

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