Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catching up, and falling behind ...

Alright, I'm going to be honest. This week was a complete washout. I didn't even try. I don't know if it's because I knew it was payday week, or after a month, I was sick of being so careful, but I spent money freely this week.

It didn't help that I needed to do a huge grocery trip, including make-up, which is not cheap.

With Monday around the corner, I'm going to try a little harder next week.

But here's a recap for the week:

Tues 5/29/12: $52.90 for groceries. (-$42.90)
Wed 5/30/12: $9 for my virgin trip to Ground Kontrol. (+$1)
Thurs 5/31/12: $9.35 for treats at Last Thursday. (+$0.65)
Fri 6/1/12: $24.50 for lunch and after-work drinks. (-$14.50)
Sat 6/2/12: $40.96 for baby shower supplies/gifts and a bottle of champagne. (-$30.96)
Sun 6/3/12: $10.59 for coffee/bagel and baseball game snacks. (-$0.59)

Epic fail, right?

Even including the $13.08 rollover money from last week, I spent a total of $149.17 this week. (More than double my weekly budget. $79.17 to be exact.)


Although, I wasn't even close to staying within my budget this week, at least I kept track of my spending. (Although sometimes it was hard to even tally a day's money, because I knew how much I was blowing.)

I'm not going to let this be a trend though. I had my fun this week. I spent some money. Back on the wagon next week.

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  1. That Happens to everyone! You had good reasons... As long as you don't lose your focus. You're doing good...