Monday, June 11, 2012

Well, almost ...

Man, I really had a good thing going on this week. I was balancing pricier days with free days - keeping an even kiel, you know.

Until Saturday. Damn.

Damn, damn, damn, damn.

The day started with lunch and coffee with my friend Laura, but as the evening progressed, plans of the carnival and beer fluttered through our heads. Then they became a reality. I guess after years of avoiding carnies, I forgot how damn expensive everything is at the fair. Needless to say, I spent pretty much my entire budget that day.

But this happened, so it was almost worth it:

That aside, let's do a little recap to see how one night caused my epic demise.

Wed 6/6/12: $0 for nada. (+$10)
Thurs 6/7/12: $30.32 for lunch, parking meters, and a few games of bowling. (-$20.32)
Fri 6/8/12: $10.67 for tall-boys and a snack. (-$0.67)
Sat 6/9/12: $71.07 OMG! WTF?!? (-$61.07)
Sun: $4.59 for PBR's. (+$5.41)

So, another epic failure of a week.

I'm not going to get too down on it, though. Here's a list that makes me feel better:

1. I had a lot of fun.
2. I picked up a second job.
3. I was so careful for many weeks before this.
4. I'm still tracking my spending and am more aware/guilty when I spend.

Yes, excuses to myself, but sometimes you gotta live.

Total weekly spending for Week Four: $136.00.

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  1. Thanks god this Carnival you had gone was in Portland! Imagine if was the carnival in Rio de Janeiro which is 24 hours a day during 5 days straight. Would be Rhiannon's financial disaster!!! ( Just kidding with you!) It's worth... If you have the opportunity at least once in life, you gotta spend a Carnival in Rio! As you said: " You gotta live". You're still tracking your finances so you didn't lost your focus and you picked another job. That's a good progress...