Monday, June 18, 2012

Week Five ...

I've been a horrible blogger lately. But isn't that how this goes? You start off strong, and then forget to blog for days/weeks/months on end.

Luckily, my best friend Sharon has recently jumped on the blog train. She'll be my inspiration to keep this shit up. Read her blog on eating healthy.

It's been a whole week since I wrote last, so let's catch up on what's been happening in the life of ole Rhi-Rhi Sawtelle.

I'm actually getting back on track with my budget! I checked my bank account the other day, and for the first time (maybe ever) I was surprised by how much money was in it. I am even setting money aside in my savings account. Sometimes I'm impressed by what a big girl I can be when I want to.

Monday through Thursday was just a blase, middle of the week. I went to work. It rained. I bought stuff.

Mon 6/11/12: $6.69 for pretzels and parking, while I ran downtown to get my new glasses. They're awesome. Trust me. (+$3.31)
Tues 6/12/12: $8.48 for a Red Bull and McDonalds, AKA a bagful of regrets. (+$1.52)
Wed 6/13/12: $7.46 for a Father's Day card and Q-tips. (+$2.54)
Thurs 6/14/12: $2.14 for a Red Bull and potato salad. It was super-bargain-mark-down potato salad for $0.59. I'm surprised I didn't die. ($+7.86)

Friday began an epic weekend. First of all, I was privileged to attend a hooding ceremony for two of my roommates. Those assholes got their masters. Damn, motivated friends.

Just kidding. I love them all.

On the other hand, they all make me feel short and undereducated.

But seriously, I love them.

Anyway ... back to the money situation. After the ceremony, I grabbed a beer with my friend Stephanie, snagged a bottle of wine for my roommate Dan, ate some delicious homemade dinner, and headed to the Pride block party with my dear friend David.

I wasn't thinking about how busy my night would be, so I had bought lunch at work earlier in the day, increasing my daily spending more than I should have.

However, I'd been under budget all week, so I figured I had a little leeway.

Fri 6/15/12: $28.29 for the above forays. (-$18.29)

Saturday, began my spree of nakedness. Let me tell you, it was great.

Also, being naked 70 percent of the day limits the amount of cash you can carry on you - limiting spending. I should try that more often.

Anyway, the day began with a trip to the nude beach on Sauvie Island to celebrate my friend Laura's birthday. That's what we do apparently. We get naked together to commemorate getting older.

I bought her a few tall-boys, took off my top and sunburned in places that have never seen sun.

On return from the isle of nudity, I stopped to grab some decorations for Dan and Kelly's grad party that night. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and homemade signs always do the trick. I don't care how old or educated you are.

Upon the start of their party, I ducked out to participate in the world's largest naked bike ride. NBD.

It was fabulous. Seriously a Portland tradition I will continue to participate in. And again, lack of clothing, means lack of cash-carrying spots.

Sat 6/16/12: $7.99 for beers and decorations. (+$2.01)

Sunday was spent catching up over coffee with a girlfriend I haven't seen in ages, and hanging with my daddy-o. Nothing too spectacular to report, but wicked enjoyable nonetheless.

Sun 6/17/12: $15.17 for coffee, a card, and a Dad-approved six-pack. I couldn't get away with buying him PBR, which will do for me any day. (-$5.17)

Weekly recap? I spent $76.22 for the week. Pretty impressive and back on track compared to my past two weeks. Only $6.22 over budget, compared to double my allowance that I've blown in the recent past.


  1. That's so cool you are back! I miss the "Cheap Date" and its writer. My stupid comment is going to be in topics, which I am going to put in numbers:
    1- I'm glad to see you doing well with your financial plan, so congrats!
    2- Say to Sharon, she is welcome to the blog world.
    3- Good to know that you can be a "Big Girl" and face your plans seriously, just don't let the "Big Girl" take over... "Rhi-Rhi Sawtelle" your friends (including your faraway friend) love you the way you are!
    4- Your new glasses are awesome, they fit perfect on you.
    5- Congratulations to your roommates, for their Master degree. I disagree with you when you say you felt undereducated! Short... Maybe? Gosh, he is too tall!
    6- Your "spree of nakedness" as you said it sounds that was a fun new experience that you had, starting by the nude beach and ending on the naked bike ride. I confess. I don't have the courage for that. Based in two reasons: 1- I'm not in a good shape. 2- Oregon is too cold for me, to get naked outside.
    7- Happy Father's day to your dad!
    This time, you were even better... That was a fun reading. I loved...
    Getulio O. de Souza.

  2. Remember when this was a thing? WHOOMP WHOMP!